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Termike professional treating pests with recommended equipment showcasing dedication and precision.

Our Services

Discover our comprehensive termite services designed to safeguard your property. From meticulous inspections to targeted treatments and preventative measures, we have you covered. Our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to eliminate termites and prevent future infestations. Rest easy knowing that your property is in capable hands. Choose our comprehensive termite services for reliable protection and peace of mind.

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Years Guarantee

Image: Quality 100% Guarantee Logo. A prominent emblem displaying the text 'Quality 100% Guarantee' in bold and reassuring typography. This logo represents Termike Pest Control's unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch service excellence and customer satisfaction.

We pack most of our service plans with a 3-years warranty. We guarantee the results of our treatment every time. But if pest activity occurs within three years of treatment, please let us know, and we will gladly return and re-treat for free. 

Termike Pest Control Quality Guarantee Seal

Not sure what pest you have?

Termite treatment in progress by Termike professionals.

Termite Treatment

Navigate the termite challenge with our specialized services. From addressing dry wood and subterranean termite threats to implementing effective fumigation processes, we've got you covered. Our wood repair service ensures structural integrity post-treatment, while preventive measures fortify your space against future invasions. Closing a property deal? Count on our escrow inspections for a thorough check.

Termike team member using specialized equipment for pest control, highlighting and expertise.

General Pest Control

Bid adieu to unwelcome guests with our wide array of pest control services. Ants, spiders, or menacing cockroaches - we handle them all. Don't let bed bugs rob you of sleep, and protect your wooden structures from carpenter ants and beetles. Our specialized team efficiently manages bee and wasp removal, ensuring safety for all. Whatever the insect, we have a solution.

Close-up of a sealed entry point preventing rodent access, courtesy of Termike.


Our rodent control services guarantee a rodent-free environment. Starting with rodent proofing to safeguard entry points, we proceed to cleanse affected attic insulation areas. Utilize our bait stations for effective rodent management and trust our ongoing prevention techniques to maintain a secure, rodent-free ambiance for the long haul.

Our Comprehensive Termite Services

Termike logo with stylized termite icon.
Image: Termike Pest Control Logo. A visual representation of the Termike Pest Control logo, symbolizing our commitment to effective pest management solutions. This emblem embodies our dedication to pest control excellence.

A Free Inspection!

Our licensed inspector will detect any damage caused by termites, locate the infested areas, and customize a treatment plan for your home or business. To get started, take benefit of our free inspection offer and call us today!

We offer you the first step in treating termites

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