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Termite Treatment

Harness the power of our comprehensive Termite Treatment solutions, tailored to address various termite challenges. From specific treatments to preventive measures, we provide holistic solutions for every termite concern.

Close-up of a drywood termite, highlighting Termike's expertise in pest management.

Combat dry wood termites with our targeted treatments. These termites thrive in dry conditions; our specialized methods ensure they're eradicated efficiently.

Close-up of a subterranean termite, highlighting its segmented body and pale coloration.

Subterranean termites pose unique challenges. Our treatment delves deep, targeting the colony's core, ensuring a termite-free foundation.

A house in a protective tent for pest control, showcasing Termike's thorough approach.

Our fumigation process is designed for maximum impact, penetrating every nook, ensuring complete extermination of termite colonies within your space.

Termike offers expert wood repair services to restore, maintain your home’s structural integrity.

Post-treatment, our wood repair service restores affected areas, ensuring structural safety and reviving the aesthetics of your property.

Termike provides preventive treatment to protect your home from future termite infestations.

Don't just react; prevent! Our preventive treatments create a barrier against future termite invasions, safeguarding your property proactively.

Termike offers thorough escrow inspections to ensure your property is termite-free before closing.

Ensure a termite-free property transaction. Our escrow inspections offer thorough assessments, providing peace of mind for both buyers and sellers.

Signs of Termite

If you see these signs in your house, you may have termites:

  • Sawdust-like piles near wood surfaces or elongated, pellet-shaped droppings.

  • Dirt or mud-like tubes or trails on outside walls, wooden beams or in
    crawl spaces. The mud tubes are typically about the diameter of a pencil, but sometimes can be thicker.

  • Darkening or blistering of wooden structural members (like windowsills). Wood in damaged areas is typically thin, may sound hollow, and easily punctured with a knife or screwdriver.

  • Swarming winged insects inside the structure, especially in the spring or fall. Swarms emerging from trees stumps, woodpiles, and other locations in the yard do not necessarily mean the house is infested. However, if winged termite are seen emerging from the base of a foundation wall or adjoining porches and patios, there’s a good chance the house is also infested.

  • People often confuse winged termite with ants which may swarm at the same time of year. They have straight antennae, uniform waists and wings of equal size. Ants have elbowed antennae, constricted waists and forewings that are longer than the hind wings.

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Pest Icon - Representing the various pests that Termike Pest Control specializes in managing and eradicating.
Pest Icon - Representing the various pests that Termike Pest Control specializes in managing and eradicating.

A Free Inspection!

Our licensed inspector will detect any damage caused by termites, locate the infested areas, and customize a treatment plan for your home or business. To get started, take benefit of our free inspection offer and call us today!

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