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Experience a rodent-free environment with our specialized Rodent Control services. From prevention to eradication, we offer a comprehensive approach to ensure your premises remain free from these unwelcome visitors.

Professional rodent proofing by Termike Pest Control.

Prevention is better than cure. Our rodent proofing solutions identify and seal entry points, ensuring that rodents are kept at bay, away from your premises.

Professional Termike team cleaning out attic insulation to prevent rodent infestation.

Rodents often nest in attic insulation. Our cleanup services not only rid your attic of rodents but also ensure it remains a safe, sanitized space, free from infestations.

Termike bait station efficiently targeting pests.

Effective and targeted. Our bait stations lure rodents in, providing a humane solution to manage and reduce rodent populations within your property.

Rodent prevention technician setting up protective measures.

Stay a step ahead. Our ongoing prevention plans ensure continuous monitoring and protection, ensuring that your space remains a rodent-free sanctuary in the long run.

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Monday-Saturday    8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Fullerton Office: 137 W Chapman Ave., Suite C, Fullerton, CA 92832

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Not sure what pest you have?

Pest Icon - Representing the various pests that Termike Pest Control specializes in managing and eradicating.
Pest Icon - Representing the various pests that Termike Pest Control specializes in managing and eradicating.

A Free Inspection!

Our licensed inspector will detect any damage caused by termites, locate the infested areas, and customize a treatment plan for your home or business. To get started, take benefit of our free inspection offer and call us today!

We offer you the first step in treating termites

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