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Why is Fumigation essential?

Drywood termite might be tiny little bugs, but they cause significant damage — hundreds of millions of dollars. Even worse, while you might be able to see some signs of termite in your house, there could be much more hiding behind walls, in crawl spaces, or in the attic.

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A house in a protective tent for pest control, showcasing Termike's thorough approach.

The following is a general guideline and timeline for a typical fumigation:

Fumigation Day 1 – Tenting – On

A fumigation crew covers the entire home with large tarps creating a seal around the house.

A licensed fumigator prepares the interior by ensuring the removal of food, feed, drugs, plants, people, and pets. The fumigator is also responsible for:

  • The placement of fans

  • The opening of doors and drawers 

  • Placing warning agents (chloropicrin) in specific locations.

The structure will be secured with secondary locks on all entryways, and warning signs will be posted at specific locations.

 The warning agent will be applied, and the proper dosage of Vikane® Gas Fumigant will be spread into the building once the exterior has been properly sealed and the interior prepared. 

The fumigant will be contained in the structure for a predetermined amount of time, penetrating deep into the wood to eliminate Drywood termite.

Fumigation Day 2 – Aeration

After the fumigation is complete, one of our licensed fumigators will open a pre-installed inlet/outlet ventilation system to begin the aeration process.

Fumigation Day 3 – Tenting – Off /Re-Entry

Once the proper amount of aeration time passes, the fumigation crew will remove the tarps from the property.

After removing the tarps, one of our licensed fumigators takes air samples from the interior living spaces with equipment specifically designed to test the air and detect the presence of Gas Fumigant.

Once it is determined that it is safe to enter the property, the licensed fumigator will place a Re-Entry Notice on the front door. This notice indicates the date and time that it was certified safe to re-enter.

The secondary locks and warning signs will be removed to complete the fumigation.

Not sure what pest you have?

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A Free Inspection!

Our licensed inspector will detect any damage caused by termites, locate the infested areas, and customize a treatment plan for your home or business. To get started, take benefit of our free inspection offer and call us today!

We offer you the first step in treating termites

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